Sendaja.com is a file sharing website that allows users to upload and share large data files up to 10 GB.

To use Sendaja.com, you can upload your files to the website by clicking the "Upload" or "Add File" button on the homepage. Once your file is uploaded, you can share it with others by sending them the link to the file. If you want to download a file that has been uploaded by someone else, you can click the provided link and download the file to your computer.

We limit the total file capacity that you can upload to a maximum of 10 GB. This file limit is very large and is the largest file limit available for free on the internet.

We are always improving the security of our system and highly recommend protecting the files you upload with a password. This way, if someone wants to download your file, they will be protected by the password, keeping your file safe.

Yes, we provide the Sendaja website for free to help internet users send files up to 10 GB in size.

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